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Chris Johnson

Cash On The Streets

Cash On The Streets RETURNS!

Our Pulse 2 Events Team will be patrolling the streets of West Yorkshire asking the question 'Which Radio Station Do You Listen To?'
If you say Pulse 2, you'll win £10.
If you have Pulse 2 written down, we'll double your money to £20!

Our events team will be out on Friday 26th July. 
Keep listening for clues of where they will be and keep your eyes peeled!

Terms & Conditions:
The Pulse 2 Events Team MUST approach you.
They will ask you 'which radio station do you listen to?'
If you say Pulse 2 you will win £10
At this point the events team will ask you if you have it written down, if you do and show the team, your £10 will be doubled to £20.

West Yorkshire: Where will we go next?

Keep listening and checking back for our next Cash On The Streets location. Good Luck!