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Mark Goodier

What not to do at Christmas

12 Don'ts of Xmas Day

Don’t forget to perfect the ‘I love that present’ face when getting rubbish ones
Don’t buy a present and then ask to borrow it the next day
Don’t tell someone that you ‘forgot’ their present then turn up with something cheap that you clearly bought from the pound shop
Don’t offer to cook dinner knowing you can’t cook
Don’t dress up as Father Christmas if you know it’s going to scare your kids…Rich from Sales
Don’t tell your children ‘Father Christmas isn't coming this year,’ it’s just mean.
Don’t dump anyone at Christmas
Don’t make your children open presents one at a time so you can write down who it’s from and what it is so they can write a thank-you letter after
Don’t try and tear wrapping paper off neatly, GET STUCK IN!
Don’t buy festively themed presents you can only use once a year
Don’t put an orange in the bottom of stockings, it’s an anti-climax
Don’t make the family sing a carol together, it’s just embarrassing

12 Don'ts for Christmas Day

Don’t let the pets near the turkey.
Don’t try and be different, keep it traditional, nothing like fish fingers.
Don’t go overboard with cracker jokes.
Don’t try and cook anything you haven’t before.
Don’t forget to time the turkey.
Don’t forget to bring enough food.
Don’t be overly adventurous with the meat… i.e – No reindeer, you’re not Gordon Ramsey.
Don’t mix up Bisto with Kenco.
(Don’t forget to) check the oven is working.
Don’t over indulge in the drink.
Don’t only serve Christmas pudding and mince pies – both are disgusting.
Don’t miss out the veggies when putting a menu together.

12 Don'ts for Christmas Parties

Don't drink too much!
Don't  try it on with your co-workers
Don't flirt or act provocatively
Don't wear suggestive clothing
Don’t let your guard down! – telling people stuff you really shouldn't!!
Don't swear! – Especially if you wouldn't in the office
Don't talk about people behind their backs, mixed with Alcohol you might accidentally say it a bit loudly!
Don't bring uninvited guests
If the party is held in your office then don't photocopy your bottom.
Don't talk about work too much! You don’t want people to think you’re a bore!
Don't be the one everyone is talking about in the morning!! It could be very damaging!
and finally… speaking from experience… don't get in a fight with the DJ!