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Artist of the Week: Texas

Artist Of The Week: Texas

Texas have sold over 30 million albums so far and are a multi-platinum Ivor Novello award winning band, and they mark 25 years in the business with their new album Texas25

Sharleen Spiteri and the rest of the band recorded the album Texas 25 in America last year with the help of Truth & Soul a soul outfit who have worked on Amy Winehouse records and helped produce some of Adele's work.

Texas 25 puts a new slant and sound on established tracks like I Don't Want A Lover, Black Eyed Boy and Halo, but new tracks Start a Family, Say Goodbye, Supafly Boy and Are You Ready make a perfect fit to this collection. 

Hear front woman Sharleen Spiteri chatting to our Jacqui Blay about the new album - just click play

Click the play to watch some of their new and established videos and the double Alan Rickman appearance in both 'In Demand' and the new single 'Start a Family'.