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70's @ 7

Join us Monday to Thursday at 7pm for an hour of music from The 70's.

Flip on your Flares and parade around in your Platforms as we take you back to the time when ...

We only had 3 TV channels

The three day week became the 'norm' for a time

We said goodbye to Pounds Shillings and Pence

It was the decade of the Christmas song

TV faves were Fawlty Towers and The Liver Birds and all sit-coms ended with the words "you have been watching…"

Do you remember...

The Fashion:  Flares, Platforms and Tank Tops …everyone looked like an explosion in a paint factory!

Movies: Grease and Saturday Night Fever

Raleigh Choppers and "knockers" that gave people severe bruising and in some cases hospitalised them.

Family holidays at Butlins

The Hot Hot Summer of 1976 and then the water shortages?

The Queen’s silver jubilee in 1977…we all had street parties….probably for the last time

Green Shield Stamps? 
In the 70s the Green Shield Stamp Catalogue sold a dream of a more relaxed, informal lifestyle. In 1976 top gifts were:
Philips Colour TV - 375 books
Lec Chest Freezer - 140 books
Creda Starlight cooker - 115 books
Hotpoint Automatic washing machine - 185 books