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Make this a Christmas to remember...for all the right reasons...

Pulse 2 wish EVERYONE in West Yorkshire a wonderful and safe
festive season, but please make sure you make it a holiday season
to remember for all the right reasons...

Here are a few things to think about and do if you are drinking alcohol...

  • Make sure you plan how you will get home without driving, like deciding who will be your designated driver, or checking public transport links.
  • Beware the morning after: remember that TIME is the only thing that will get alcohol out of your system.
  • Don't accept a lift from a driver you know has been drinking, or encourage someone to drink who you know is driving: everyone can help to reduce the number of people injured or killed on the roads.
  • Remember that there is NO excuse for Drink Driving: alcohol affects everyone differently, but affects everyone's driving for the worse universally, creating overconfidence, altering judgement and slowing reactions.

For more info on drinking and driving, and other road safety, see The Government website here.