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Chris Johnson

Marathon Man supports #speakshareSTOP

Ben Smith from the 401 Challenge spoke to us about his recent challenge and backed our #speakshareSTOP campaign

Ben was bullied for 8 years, he undertook a personal challenge to combat this and his aim was…

  • To raise £250,000 for Stonewall and Kidscape
  • To raise awareness of bullying in the UK
  • To inspire and challenge people to achieve things they never thought possible
  • To run the equivalent distance of 401 marathons in 401 day 

He called it The 401 Challenge and this is now complete, but his hard work doesn’t end there. 
We spoke to Ben about his challenge and his future plans. 


Where does the £310,000 raised go to? Ben tells us about Stonewall and Kidscape and his personal challenge and how being different isn't a bad thing.

Ben tells us more about his bullying and hie role models, he talks about is attempted suicide and how he turned negativity into possitivity

We asked Ben if there were any physical challenges when doing 401 marathons in 401 days

What is next for Ben?  He tells us about a new foundation that is being set up to build confidence and self esteem

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