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There are many ways to advertise in the world of digital, from our websites to our brand new apps, mobile phones to ipad:

Display banners such as sky scrappers, leaderboards and mpu's
App advertising
Text to win call to action

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1. It’s an always on medium

Consumers love their mobile phones so much that researchers found when they took peoples phones away for a day they claimed to feel a phantom ‘tingle’ in their pocket that normally proceeds the excitement of a text/call. 
Stephen Upstone, Managing Director of European Business Development, AdInfuse

2. Social media is driving growth

IAB research in 2009 found that updating social network sites via mobile handsets is increasing with 25% of all social networkers logging on to check or update their pages. 16 to 24 year olds are the biggest mobile social network fans with 44% saying they have updated via mobile, compared to 17% of over 55s. 
Amy Kean, Senior PR and Marketing Manager, IAB.

3. Provides immediate interaction

Mobile phones allow the consumers to interact immediately with advertising. Upon seeing an advert the consumer can text, call or download content instantly. It can help maximise the effectiveness of other media, a short code is a great example of this. 
Rachel Wright Business Development Director, Phonevalley

4. It’s got a lot to offer

Mobile advertising is much more than banner adverts within internet content; a wide range of formats can be delivered as campaign components from text links in SMS messages through to full screen static or video display adverts within applications or mobile internet sites. 
Jeremy Copp, CEO, Rapid Mobile Media

5. Application crazy

iPhone users have downloaded over 1 billion applications worldwide to their handset since launch. Applications are not restricted to iPhone however; advertisers can create useful applications for consumers for the majority of handsets. 
David Fieldhouse, Mobile Manager, MediaCom

6. It’s popular

The number of mobile media users in the UK has reached the tipping point with over 30% of all UK adults accessing mobile media every month and a large proportion of those going online everyday according to ComScore.
Stephen Upstone, Managing Director of European Business Development, AdInfuse

7. Smartening up

Over the last 18 months the number of UK Smartphone users (iPhone, Nokia N96, T-Mobile G1 etc) has grown from 3.6m subscribers to 6.3m, a 73% increase, and these users are over three times more likely to browse for News and Information on their phones than non Smartphone users (Comscore/MMetrics). 
Tim Hussain, Head of Mobile Advertising, Sky

8. It’s out of your hands

If you’re not sure if your brand should be on mobile, consumers have already made the choice for you. 0ver 4 million consumers are already using their mobiles to search for information on products and services and search volumes are growing 4 times faster than online. 
Jon Mew, Head of Mobile, IAB

9. It can reach you

Target through to point of purchase – no other medium allows such precise targeting, from location based services like local search through to in-store Bluetooth marketing you can reach consumers wherever they are and provide relevant and engaging advertising. 
Paul Lyonette, Head of Mobile Advertising, Microsoft

10. Consumers like advertising

The Orange Exposure study shows, 70% of mobile media users find innovative ad formats appealing. In an ad funded games trial 89% said they liked or were neutral to advertisements appearing on the Orange World portal and 88% said they were happy to be exposed to advertising in exchange for free or discounted content. 
Alex Kozloff, Media Research Manager, Orange
 (Source: IAB)