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Cooking the Turkey

For those used to being in charge of Christmas dinner, you'll know how much pressure can be involved in creating the biggest dinner of the year. We caught up with Gordon Ramsay and Raymond Blanc to get their tips on coping and to find out what they're doing themselves.

You've opened your presents, maybe even started early on the chocolates... now comes the big moment, and for many the real highlight of the Day: Christmas Lunch.

Now there's obviously a lot of pressure to get this right so we thought we'd ask some top chefs help us out. Who better than Gordon Ramsay and Raymond Blanc?

Here's some of their top tips to help you on your way:


Gordon Ramsay

Tip #1 Buy food early
Sounds a bit obvious this one but you'd be surprised how many people go to the supermarket on Christmas Eve expecting to get everything.

Tip #2 Plan your festive meals
Plan your meals in advance and include things you can prepare in advance or the day before. That means less stressing and time in the kitchen on the big day.

Tip #3 Put a twist on things
Think about interesting dishes you can make from the leftovers or unusual twists you can do with the flavours/sauces so people don't end up with a 'turkey hangover'.


Ramond Blanc

Top tip #1 Pass the buck
Let's face it - Christmas dinner is the cup final of cooking. The pressure is on, the quantity is likely to be massive and if you screw it up, you can't hop to Tesco for some turkey sarnies. Where possible try and find an eager relative to do the hard work.

Top tip #2 Practice makes perfect
If it's your first time, then why not have a practice go. Invite your family members around for a casual dinner and  (honest) feedback before the big day.

Top tip #3 Buy big
Remember this is Christmas the time of indulgence, so buy big. You will need more food than normal to feed all those hungry tummies so be prepared!